• Company visit at VanDrie Group

3 March 2017

Since oil prices dropped on the world market, Azerbaijan is making efforts to diversify the economy and has prioritized the agricultural sector within the framework of the Strategic Road Map on development of Azerbaijan’s economy. Within this sector Azerbaijan looks with great interest to the Netherlands since the Netherlands is one of the largest agricultural exporters of the world. The close ties and the serious interest in the Netherlands is proved by the visit of the Minister of Economy of the Netherlands, Mr. Henk Kamp, to Azerbaijan in May 2016 and the counter visit of the Minister of Agriculture of Azerbaijan, Mr. Heydar Asadov, in October this year, which was a great success.

From 27th of February until 3rd of March 2017 representatives of the leading holdings in Azerbaijan paid a visit to the Netherlands. Companies like VanDrie Group, RijkZwaan, WUR, Royal Brinkman and Scelta Mushrooms were part of the visiting program. The visit finished with a diner at Scelta Mushrooms and a seminar at Netherlands Enterprise Agency in The Hague.